Monday, April 29, 2013


Podcast of this broadcast Morning Star can be heard on this site. Look for it to the right of this page.

On Sunday 28 April 2013 I spoke to Clare Marshall about Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler, and my book SWEETHEARTS OF SONG: A PERSONAL MEMOIR OF ANNE ZIEGLER AND WEBSTER BOOTH  on her delightful and long-running programme "Morning Star" on Radio Today Johannesburg 1485 - RADIO THAT DELIVERS

One of the songs played during the broadcast was: THE MERRY WIDOW WALTZ: Franz LĂ©har 

This book is available online as an ebook and a paperback at my book store on Lulu.

 I have also had some copies of this book printed locally in wire binding and it is available to South African readers only at the very reasonable price of R140 (including postage).

If you live in South Africa and would like a copy of this book, please contact me at, giving me your email address and I'll give you further details about it.

I have also  created a miscellany of Sweethearts  of Song... and Pamela Davies' book, Do You Remember Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth? previously published on Lulu:

 On Wings of Song by Jean Collen and Pamela Davies

On Wings of Song is a combination of two books already published on Lulu: Sweethearts of Song: A Personal Memoir of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth by Jean Collen and Do You Remember Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth? by Pamela Davies and Jean Collen. This miscellany is a memoir about the famous British duettists, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth by two people who knew them well. Jean Collen studied with them, acted as studio accompanist to Webster Booth in the sixties and remained friends with them until their deaths. 

Pamela Davies was a teenage fan of the couple in the 1940s, and began corresponding with Anne Ziegler in the late 1970s when Anne and Webster returned to the UK, and became a good friend.